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TwitterMinder posts Twitter messages directly from your Google Calendar!

TwitterMinder will check your Google Calendar for events that are occuring in the next hour, and if it finds any, they will be automatically submitted to your Twitter account.

You'll need to provide TwitterMinder with your Google Calendar email and password, as well as your Twitter username and password. None of this information will be retained by this service. If you want links to your calendar to work, your calendar will need to be public. If you want to use a separate calendar for this, specify that calendar name. If no calendar name is specified, your default calendar will be used.

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Calendar (optional):

To automatically use TwitterMinder every hour, subscribe to the following URL in your feed reader (remember to insert your own account details and tell your feed reader to only call this feed once an hour):[your_gcal_email]&gcal_password=[your_gcal_password]&twitter_user=[your_twitter_user]&twitter_password=[your_twitter_password]

For more information, see my blog.


  1. You can view the RSBScript source code to TwitterMinder in the "View RSSBus Source" link at the bottom of the page.
  2. You can download the RSBScript source code to your own free RSSBus Desktop installation and run it from your own computer! For this you'll need a copy of TwitterOps. Contact me if it hasn't been published at yet.
  3. You can write apps that call this web service.





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