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						AmzWish is a widget (developed with RSSBus) to display your Amazon wishlist (or wedding/baby registry), which you can see an example of on the right side of this page.  Users can click on an item from your wishlist and purchase it for you (Amazon will ship it to you).
						Feel free to try it out by buying something for me right now!  :P
						You can add AmzWish to your existing web page simply by pasting a few extra lines into your page:
						<LI><a href="findwishlist.rst?fullname=">Find your Amazon Wishlist Id</a>, and paste it in the "My Wishlist Id" textbox below.
						<LI>Click the Generate HTML button below and copy the selected code. 
						<LI>Then paste the code into the HTML of the page you would like to add your wishlist to. 
 	<h2>Get Wishlist Code</h2>

	<form action="#" method="get" name="html_output">
		My Wishlist Id: <input type="text" name="wishlistid" value="3IE6YH0OGJAFY"/>
		&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Number of items in my wishlist to display: <input type="text" name="maxitems" value="4" size="2"/><br />
		<textarea name="copy_paste" cols="65" rows="5"></textarea>

		<button onclick="this.form.copy_paste.value='<script src=\'http://www.textbox1.com/apps/amzwish/widget.js\' type=\'text/javascript\'></script><div id=\'mywidget\'><br /></div><script>updiv(\'mywidget\', \'http://www.textbox1.com/apps/amzwish/AmazonWishlist.rst?wishlistid=' + this.form.wishlistid.value + '&maxitems=' + this.form.maxitems.value + '\', \'100\', \'740\');</script>' ;this.form.copy_paste.focus();this.form.copy_paste.select(); return false;" 		
       style="padding-top=0;height=23;width:110px;">Generate HTML</button>

  You can <a href="AmzWishSource.zip">download the AmzWish template source code here</a>.
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